Multifocal Glasses – Myths and Truths

There are many different multifocal glasses on the market. So many myths and truths were created about them.

Choose the glasses that will make your life easier!

And the day comes, when you look at your smartphone and realize that you can’t see well.

You go to a restaurant and realise that you have to bring the menu close enough to see it clearly.


So you need glasses for reading … And you start filling the office, your bag, with glasses.

And when you’re tired of switching between glasses and wasting money on many different pairs… the solution is MULTIFOCAL GLASSES!

Glasses have become fashionable so you can wear them all the time and always be in fashion! πολυεστιακά γυαλιά


Multifocal lenses are either made from glass or organic and improve vision at all distances at the same time, having all the degrees needed in a single lens without interrupting the vision as the bifocal lenses do.

The lens is divided into three zones: The upper field of vision clears distant vision, the lower field of vision improves near vision. The middle field of vision is designed as a ‘canal’ and is ideal for any object we want to see in the middle distance.

πολυεστιακά γυαλιά

When to wear multifocal glasses

Over time, the visual acuity of the eye decreases. This is how Presbyopia is created. The reason is the decrease in the elasticity of the eye lens.

The lower elasticity of the eye lenses results in a reduction in eye adjustment that greatly affects close vision.

πολυεστιακά γυαλιά

The pros and cons of multifocal glasses

The advantages of multifocal glasses:

  • The middle vision achieved through the ‘canal’ enables a middle vision that does not exist in bifocal glasses.
  • You wear them all day long and you don’t need to take them off, as they improve vision at all distances.
  • You don’t have to carry a lot of glasses anymore.
  • They are more elegant and tasteful than bifocal glasses.
  • If you wear multifocal glasses relatively early (eg at the start of presbyopia), you will have no problem getting used to them.

The disadvantages of multifocal glasses:

  • In order to have a clear vision, free eye movement is restricted. For example, when on a bike you have to make a small downward movement with your head (and not just your eyes) to see your hands.
  • Because of the optical properties of the lens, it takes time to get used to it. (Usually from one to three days)
  • The far-field and near-field of vision are smaller than those of single-focus glasses.

There are many different multifocal glasses in the market and it is very important to choose the one that will make it easier for you and won’t make your life more difficult. Many will recommend lenses that do not even meet your minimum requirements, with the only advantage being the extremely low price. It is important to know the manufacturer and if the lenses are accompanied by a genuine card like all branded multifocal lenses.

The most popular manufacturers include the following companies: Hoya, Zeiss, Rodenstock, Essilor, Seiko

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