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Find out what repairs can be made on your broken glasses


  • We replace spring mechanisms on temples
  • We bond metal bridges
  • We put a special coating on the bonding for maximum discretion
  • We repair metal nosepads by adding a new spare

Acetate frame polish

Have you noticed white dull marks on your frame? These blur marks occur naturally over time at the points where the frame meets the skin. By using the right materials, we remove these marks and your frame becomes new again.

σπασμένα γυαλιά γυάλισμα
βαφή γυαλιών

Metal frame point paint and change of color

  • We fix points of faded color from scratches
  • We change the color of your metal frame through a special process
  • The colors used are skin-friendly

Change your color

  • We replace scratched sunglasses lenses
  • Replacement colors are from the basic color catalog or we can use your lenses as sample for the same effect
  • Ability to change in lenses for farsightedness or nearsightedness

Fitting old lenses to a new frame

If the glasses are in such condition that nothing can save them we have a solution:

  • We can transfer your old lenses in a new frame that you can pick up the same day at the store
  • Ability to transfer the lenses to a frame you already have
  • Immediate change in our workshop by experienced technicians

Glasses Service

  • We clean the glasses on the special ultrasonic machine which ensures deep cleaning for better maintenance
  • We tighten all screws or place missing ones
  • We install new nosepads

Refresh your favorite glass in our workshop

  • We repair breaks on both metal and acetate frames.
  • We can refresh the blur marks that have whitened the frame over the years.
  • We replace spring mechanisms on temples and fix points faded color from scratches on metal frames
  • We put new lenses in whatever color you choose from our large catalog.

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New glasses ready within 4 hours

  • Receive your new glasses within 4 hours
  • Fast service without having to wait for days
  • Ability to fit new lenses to either old or new frame

γυαλιά σε 4 ώρες

YouTube Channel

How many times have you liked a frame so much because it reminds you of some beautiful moments, but do not wear it anymore because it looks worn out or broken? In our store workshop we do all kinds of glasses repairs and in our YouTube channel we have many examples of our work for you to watch.