Low Vision Aids

Everything you need to know about Low Vision Aids



Low Vision Aids

  • Low vision occurs when the patient has difficulty performing his usual daily tasks.
  • Visual impairment is often corrected by the use of glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.
  • There are cases where low vision is due to pathological causes.
  • However, there are low vision aids that help patients make better use of their eyesight.

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  • Telescopic system
  • Large zoom for distances up to 3m
  • Ideal for TV use

Βοηθήματα χαμηλής όρασης

Handheld magnifier

  • Ideal for reading
  • Zoom from 6 up to 36 dpt
  • Light weight

Handheld LED magnifier

  • LED lighting for best contrast
  • Zoom depends on model from 2X up to 10X
  • The extra base can be used for more comfort at reading and to write underneath
  • Ideal for reading and more

Table magnifier

  • LED lighting
  • Zoom up to 4 times
  • Ideal for reading

Hanging magnifier

  • Can be hanged from the neck like a necklace
  • Provides freedom of hand movement
  • Ideal for knitting, sewing, reading

Βοηθήματα χαμηλής όρασης

Special filters glasses

  • Worn as sunglasses
  • UV and blue light filter
  • Better color contrast
  • Suitable for cataract and macular degeneration

Hanging magnifier

  • Magnification: 3x - 28x
  • Display 4.3 "
  • 12 different display types
  • Battery performance: up to 4 hours of operation

ψηφιακος μεγενθυτικος φακος

Quiet environment for free trial

  • Free eye exam
  • Wide range of products
  • Easy access for people with physical disabilities


"The low vision aids that changed my fathers' life"

Read HERE the encouraging story of our client that had maculadegeneration, as described by his daughter.



Megethyntikoi fakoi 2
εκφύλιση ωχράς κηλίδας

"Maculadegeneration - How i looked at old favorite photo albums again"

Read HERE the encouraging story of our client that had maculadegeneration, as described by him.

Prices and quality

  • Aspheric Lenses
  • No optical deformations
  • Handheld magnifiers from 60€ -140€
  • Other systems from 120€ - 390€

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Βοηθήματα χαμηλής όρασης

Low vision aids at Mavili Square

  • The experienced opticians will help you understand what others never explained.
  • Together we will go through your daily needs to find the best glasses for you.
  • We only offer the most famous brands!
  • At the best prices for you!