Optometry – Eye exam by an Optician


Optometry concerns the measurement of vision and the functional assessment of visual skills. The objective of the optometrist is to diagnose and restore normal vision impairments. This is achieved by the use of glasses, contact lenses, filters or low vision aids.


Optometry or Opthalmologist?

The optometrist does not intervene with pathological examinations and does not administer any medications. If any pathology requiring medical or surgical treatment is found during the examination, the case is referred to an ophthalmologist. The pathological health of the eye is purely an object of the ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist refers the patient to an optometrist for a number of incidents that require technical handling such as contact lens wearers, keratocontractor contact lenses or low vision aids.

τα συχνότερα προβλήματα όρασης


According to the definition of the European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO) as set out in the article of the Hellenic Academy of Optometry:

Optometry is an autonomous profession in the field of health that requires education and is subject to certain rules, that is to say, practiced exclusively by graduates of recognized schools who have obtained a license to practice the profession. Optometrists provide primary eye and vision health care, which includes refraction (and prescription), selection and treatment of appropriate “refractive aids”, diagnosis and management of eye diseases, and restoration of vision to normal levels.


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