Kids eyewear

Everything you need to know about kids eyewear

How do babies see?

  • It is not true that newborn babies only see blurry images or shadows.
  • The baby's vision takes six to eight months to develop.
  • It takes about six weeks for the "strabismus" to stop.

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Kids eyewear

  • All children, even babies, are recommended to wear sunglasses.
  • Pay great attention to the quality of the glasses you choose.
  • The glasses should cover the area around the eye sufficiently.
  • The best option are rubber glasses which are very light and do not break.

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Scratched sun lenses

It is normal for your child's sunglasses to get scratched after playing by the sea. Don't worry though, because they don't lose their absorbency. The lenses are absorbent in deep on genuine glasses. You can just visit us and just change the lenses, so they are aesthetically appealing again.

Scratched optical lenses

It is inevitable for your child's eyeglasses to get scratched. However, as long as they are not on the field of view, it is not so necessary to change the lenses. However, immediate change is needed when the scratches are in front of the eye and prevent it from having a clear vision.


Kids glasses at Mavili Square

  • A beautiful and friendly place for our little friends.
  • Choosing with great attention on the quality and durability of the frames and lenses.
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