What are multifocal / progressive glasses & how do they work

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Myths and truths about progessives

  • You don't have to carry many glasses with you anymore.
  • You can wear them all day long because they improve vision at all distances.
  • Because of the optical characteristics of the lens, it takes time to get used to it.
  • Near distance vision fields are narrower than those of single-focus glasses.

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Perfect vision at all distances

7 tips to make them more enjoyable

  • Stop wearing eyeglasses with old prescription.
  • You have to learn to turn your whole head around in order to look at something, not just your eyes.
  • Always look through the top for things in the distance, not the bottom.

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πολυεστιακά γυαλιά
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Multifocal glasses or two separate glasses?

And then comes a day when you check your smartphone and realize that you can't see ANYTHING ....

"Another pair, Thanos?" I thought, "You already have myopia, what are you going to do to, always changing between two glasses?" And so I avoided it for a while ...

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Will either adore them or cry for your money?

  • Why wear multifocals?
  • What is the best option for me?
  • Do I need them?
  • Why so many prices?

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Multifocals vs. Office

  • What are the differences?
  • How do i see through each glass?
  • Which one should i prefer?

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Multifocal lenses - Biggest factories

  • Essilor Varilux - French lenses
  • Shamir - Israeli lenses
  • Hoya, Nikon, Seiko - Japanese lenses
  • Zeiss, Rodenstock - German lenses
  • Karamouzis - Greek lenses

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Multifocal lenses - Buy 2 for 1

  • Free eye exam
  • 100% adaptation guarantee
  • Switch to two single pairs at no cost



Multifocals at Mavili Square

  • The experienced opticians will help you understand what others never explained.
  • Together we will go through your daily needs to find the lenses for you.
  • We only offer the most famous brands!
  • At the best prices for you!

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